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Steffen and Shannon Peters Put Their Horses’ Well-being—and SUCCEED®—at the Forefront of Their Management Program

When the sun rises on Arroyo Del Mar, there are 60 horses waiting expectantly for their feed and a daily dose of SUCCEED. The 22-acre training and boarding facility near San Diego is home to world-renowned dressage athletes, Steffen and Shannon Peters. It’s been 15 years since the couple discovered SUCCEED for their horses and fell in love with the product—and they rely on SUCCEED to this day.

A History of Success with SUCCEED

Steffen and Shannon Peters have positively influenced the dressage world for decades with their elite performances and unwavering respect for their equine partners. Steffen, a four-time Olympian, and Shannon, a three-time national championship competitor, continually put their horses’ well-being to the forefront of their management program.

Shannon & Steffen Peters
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“My favorite part about managing Arroyo Del Mar is caring for our horses. It’s our priority to make sure that we’re doing our best for the horses, every day,” Shannon says.

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For Steffen and Shannon, doing the best for their horses means giving them SUCCEED to support gut health and performance. All of the Peters’ clients and trainers at Arroyo Del Mar choose to use SUCCEED for their horses as well.

Gut health is paramount to a healthy horse. With SUCCEED, we see a difference in how our horses train and feel. They show better energy, conditioning, weight management and overall temperament.

Steffen and Shannon’s Management Program

In addition to using SUCCEED, Steffen and Shannon keep their management program simple by feeding the lowest amount of concentrates possible, while still keeping their horses in top condition. They offer free-choice hay (four times a day), along with balanced vitamins and minerals. Shannon says that finding the “lowest sugar, non-chemically sprayed hay” has always been a priority in their feeding program. “Thankfully there are better, healthier feeds available today with less additives and preservatives,” Shannon says.

We’ve used SUCCEED since 2005 and are fortunate to have horses with strong digestive health at our facility. I attribute that to filtered water, the best hay, limited concentrates and SUCCEED!

What’s Next for Steffen and Shannon Peters

Like much of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, Steffen and Shannon have had a quieter year than others in the past. They have focused their efforts on running Arroyo Del Mar to the “highest standard” while pursuing some of their other personal interests like mountain biking, camping and working out.

At the outset of the year (prior to the rise of COVID-19), Steffen competed in multiple Grand Prix competitions at Wellington. He ended up having a whirlwind winter season with his 12-year-old gelding partner, Suppenkasper. The duo claimed 11 victories in 11 starts, a record-setting string of wins for Steffen that included an all-time best freestyle score.

With 2021 on the horizon, the Peters’ outlook on the future remains optimistic. They’re looking forward to competing in two CDI’s this November to qualify for next year’s events. Shannon has her sights set on qualifying for the US National Dressage Championship at the Prix St. Georges and Grand Prix levels. For Steffen, he is hoping to make the US Dressage Team for Tokyo 2021, which would mark his fifth Olympic appearance.

Why Steffen and Shannon Recommend SUCCEED

As Steffen and Shannon gear up for an exciting year ahead, they’ve got a lot to be thankful for. Steffen says that they’re “extremely fortunate” to live at Arroyo Del Mar with the horses they love. And their horses are lucky, too. They receive the best care, the best feed—and SUCCEED!

After 15 years of using SUCCEED, one thing is certain: Steffen and Shannon have unwavering faith in SUCCEED.

If you’re considering SUCCEED for your horses, we highly recommend you try it. We’ve had great success with SUCCEED keeping our horses in top form. It’s a product that we believe in, and it works!

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