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Meet International Polo Prodigy Timmy Dutta

At just 18 years of age, Timmy Dutta is a force to be reckoned with on the polo field as he barrels down the field and quickly maneuvers the ball. The international high-goal polo player is just two years into his professional career and is already setting new records and winning tournaments.

Timmy is grateful for the team that surrounds him, and for his 12 “superstar” American thoroughbreds and Argentine polo breed horses. His performance horses are at the top of their game, thanks to a healthy management program and SUCCEED.

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Becoming a Polo Enthusiast

Timmy grew up in a sports horse family, so it was natural for him to start riding at a very young age. His mother, Susie Dutta, is an international Grand Prix dressage rider, and his father, Tim Dutta, grew up playing polo in India. His father also owns and runs Dutta Corporation, a well-respected international transport company that flies horses around the world.

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With early access to horses, Timmy developed a love of riding at a young age from his Shetland pony, “Bondie”. He then started show jumping by the age of eight, but it was as he entered his teenage years that Timmy tried stick-and-balling for the first time. One afternoon, Timmy and his father decided to play polo together. They haven’t stopped since.

From Player to Professional

From the moment Timmy picked up a mallet at 13-years-old, he knew that polo was what he wanted to do. The sport captured his attention and shaped the trajectory of the years to come.

“I had this dream of playing in the big leagues alongside the best players in the world,” Timmy says. “And I’m very lucky to say that I made that dream come true.”

At sixteen, Timmy was offered his first professional job to launch his dream career. Now, only a few years into the industry, Timmy has already had remarkable success. His polo team, Dutta Corp, rode to victory at three consecutive tournaments in 2019: the Herbie Pennell, Joe Barry, and Ylvisaker Cups. These prestigious 20-goal tournaments are held at the International Polo Club Palm Beach. In the organization’s entire history, Dutta Corp became the first team to claim all three titles in one season.

Timmy and Dutta Corp are poised to continue successfully into the future, as well. Their record-setting 2019 season advanced Dutta Corp to the 22-goal level at the International Polo Club, which is the highest level currently played in the United States. At each level along the way, Timmy has had the opportunity to play with and against some of the most renowned players in the industry.

Keeping His horses Healthy with SUCCEED

In Timmy’s polo program, he manages 17 performance horses throughout the year. Their competition season consists of tournament rotations between Argentina, California and Florida. At times, the horses are playing in scrimmages and competitions everyday. But even though the sport of polo and travel schedule are demanding, Timmy emphasizes that his horses’ wellness is the “number one” priority.

That’s why Timmy knew something had to be done when he noticed some of his horses weren’t utilizing their food and had dull-looking coats. Timmy’s mother, Susie, was already using SUCCEED for her competition horses and suggested that Timmy try it as well.

“After starting my horses on SUCCEED, their coats brightened up, I saw their stomachs get healthy, and they ate all of their food. I could see the product working right away,” Timmy says.

One mare, in particular, had a quick turnaround. Timmy’s American thoroughbred Chelsea wasn’t performing to her full ability and her coat was extremely dull. She was constantly moving behind Timmy’s leg. Within two weeks of starting SUCCEED, she turned over completely and was feeling better. With SUCCEED, Timmy says she looked “beautiful and her coat blossomed.”

After seeing the product work, Timmy was convinced. He put his entire string on SUCCEED to prioritize their health and wellness.

Feeding SUCCEED All Year Round

Timmy has been using SUCCEED for more than a year now, and he has seen a big difference in his horses.

They love SUCCEED. I can see it. I’m not seeing problems anymore in their digestive health from lack of nutrition or not being able to absorb their food. SUCCEED is an important part of their diets, for their gut health.

Timmy says that SUCCEED is a “big player” in his feeding routine. Each horse receives Triple Crown feed, extra oats for a boost of power, and a daily dose of SUCCEED. Timmy knows that SUCCEED allows his horses to perform at their best and feel their best, so he feeds SUCCEED year round.

“These horses are like Olympic athletes who are at top fitness levels. They’re serious athletes, and SUCCEED helps me to hold them at this fitness level. SUCCEED allows them to be healthy and happy and for me to push them to be better,” Timmy says.

Why Timmy Dutta Recommends SUCCEED

As Timmy moves forward in his career, he’s determined to always improve himself and his horses. He says that SUCCEED will remain a big component of that success.

SUCCEED is a game changer, it really is. It’s helped my horses to perform and feel better. They’re happier and not having problems in their stomachs. I’d say to anyone, try it, because it speaks for itself.

With SUCCEED at his side, Timmy hopes to build upon his iconic 2019 season. He’s vying for a win at the US Open Polo Championship and is busy pairing his polo career with working at Dutta Corporation. He’s only just begun and the future looks bright.

Make sure to keep up with Timmy’s success by following him on Instagram @timmydutta.

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