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Eventer Cathy Wieschhoff Earns Rewards for Sharing SUCCEED

Cathy Wieschhoff, a three-day eventer from Lexington, Kentucky, who teaches, trains and competes nationally and internationally, believes in taking a proactive approach to horse health.

“If there’s anything we can do to make our horses healthier, we should do it,” she says. “I use SUCCEED because it’s a way to be proactive about the horse’s health, rather than trying to fix something when it’s broken. If you wait until there’s an issue, it may be too late.”

Cathy, a 25-year veteran eventer, has been using SUCCEED since 2007. In 2010, recognizing the positive effect SUCCEED was having on her horses, she became a Sponsor in the (free) SUCCEED Rewards Program. As a Sponsor, Cathy earns Reward Points for spreading the word about SUCCEED and encouraging friends to take the SUCCEED Challenge, a risk-free opportunity to try SUCCEED. When friends sign up and complete the SUCCEED Challenge by using their Sponsor’s unique code, the Sponsor earns Rewards Points they can redeem for cash, gift cards, or free SUCCEED.

So far, Cathy has helped 10 riders and trainers take the SUCCEED Challenge with their horses, and has received cash in return for earned Reward Points. She currently uses SUCCEED on the majority of her horses, from top 4* horses like Spelga Dam (aka “Kate”), to her off-the-track thoroughbreds just being introduced to the sport.

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“I’ve been recommending SUCCEED ever since I saw the difference it made in my horses’ overall health,” Cathy says. “Other trainers can see that my horses are happy and healthy, outside and inside. My horses are a great example of all-encompassing equine wellness.”

The SUCCEED Difference

Currently, Cathy has six horses on SUCCEED: her two OTTBs (Yacht Club Debt and Biederman); two Preliminary horses (Ready for April and Goin’ to Seattle); and her two retired horses, Kate and Opie. She credits SUCCEED for helping her new horses and performance horses be at their best, and says she’s also found that horses on SUCCEED tend to be less reactive in their behavior.

“It’s part of my overall approach to training,” she says. “If horses are healthier on the inside, it helps them to do what I’m asking on the outside. It’s all part of keeping a healthy horse.”

Benefits of the SUCCEED Rewards Program

Learn more about the SUCCEED Rewards Program, or sign up to start earning Rewards right away. It’s free to become a Sponsor, and a great way to help your friends discover the benefits of good equine digestive health.

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