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Top 9 Most Popular Horse Health & Nutrition Articles in 2012

Health Risks for Overweight HorsesSUCCEED’s mission is to deliver content that not only educates horse owners, riders and trainers on company news, but provides important information about general horse health and nutrition. Your horses are our top priority, and as 2013 continues, here’s a compilation of the most popular articles posted in our Horse Health & Nutrition section in 2012. This is the perfect time to revisit some of these topics as we recover from winter and prepare to head back in to show season and summer care considerations.

Show Season Health Series

Heading off to a horse show is stressful for both you and your horse, whether you’re flying to another country or driving 10 miles down the road. The Show Season Health series discusses how to keep your horse happy and healthy while you’re on the road, from what to feed him and how to care for him at a show, to getting him to and from the showgrounds.

Keeping Your Horse Healthy During the Summer Drought

Summertime can take an unexpected toll on your horse’s health – especially during a drought. The nutritional value of grass plummets when it reaches a certain age, and as a result, your horses’ nutrition is compromised. This article outlines all you need to know on keeping your horse in his best health during the summertime – especially during a drought like the one many experienced in 2012.

Winter Weight Loss Series

Winter can have a big impact on your horse – more stall time, changes in diet, cold air, etc. This series helps the horse owner understand why weight loss occurs in the winter, how it happens, and how to best prepare for it.

These are a handful of the most read Horse Health and Nutrition articles from 2012. To see more like these, check out our blog and be sure to subscribe to get the latest Health & Nutrition information sent directly to your inbox.

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