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Tom Robertson’s Halter Horses on SUCCEED®

Tom and Mary Robertson have both enjoyed a lifelong love affair with horses. Unusually dedicated to the absolute perfection of all of their prospects in halter and other events, the Robertsons combine attention to detail, meticulous horse care and a sharp eye for a horse’s innate potential.

For the successful duo, preparing a horse to meet the demands of the show lifestyle, while still looking and feeling superior enough to win championships, is a true challenge. Horses must face regular training sessions, intense travel schedules, stalling and long trailer rides – all of which can negatively impact their mental and physical well-being.

In 2005 Tom began working with a young filly, called Simply Send Roses, with tons of potential, but he found that she became anxious during shows. Tom believed that his future Champion was overcome by the challenges of training and travel.

“I had heard about SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program and I decided to try it on this filly,” Tom said. “I began using the paste with her shortly before the OQHA [Ohio Quarter Horse Association] Breeder Futurity. She won her class there. Once I saw how SUCCEED worked with this filly, I put all my horses on it.”

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The Robertsons now consider SUCCEED an integral part of their careful, overall management program for all horses in training. The primary benefit Tom has seen is in his horse’s ability to get the maximum benefit from the nutrients they receive.

“The feed they get is not wasted in their systems now,” he said. “SUCCEED has been good for me in terms of hair coats too and they really like to eat it!”

The Results

For the Robertsons, managing champion halter horses is all about attention to every detail and the results they’ve seen since beginning use of SUCCEED have convinced them of the product’s absolute value for all of their horses.

“SUCCEED helps our horses get more value from what they eat and helps us keep them on an even keel all the time,” Mary said. “We’ve found success with every horse we’ve put on SUCCEED.”

Simply Send Roses has gone on to begin fulfilling the potential Tom saw in her from her earliest days. The 2005 filly won more than $10,000 as a weanling and has topped her classes at the All American Quarter Horse Congress as well as garnering numerous grand champion titles.

“Tom is very in tune with the details of helping a horse look great every day of its life,” said Mary. “He places a lot of emphasis on fitness and the welfare of the horses. We really believe in the idea that you have to feel good to look good – and that’s what we want for all of our horses! SUCCEED is an important means to help us get there.”

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