Why Serious Horse Person Nancy Sue Ryan Uses SUCCEED®

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Nancy Sue Ryan is an NSBA Hall of Fame hunt seat rider, trainer, and breeder. Based out of Show Stop Farm in Nacona, Texas, Nancy’s American Quarter Horses are winning championships in all major show pens across the United States.

She also keeps all her horses – broodmares and show horses alike – on SUCCEED.

Nancy Sue Ryan’s Achievements

Nancy Sue Ryan won her first All American Quarter Horse Congress championship in 1974 aboard Mikes Bob Bar, and as of 2014 has won dozens upon dozens of championships at the AQHA and NSBA World Shows as well as the Congress.

And that’s not to mention her reserves at those competitions as well as titles at countless other major AQHA and NSBA shows. She was also inducted into the NSBA Hall of Fame in 2011 for her achievements as a pleasure horse breeder, trainer, and rider.

NSR’s Show Horses More
Responsive on SUCCEED®

Nancy first heard about SUCCEED in January 2005. At the time, she had a difficult gelding in her barn who was very anxious and nervous. She says he was constantly grinding his teeth, pinning his ears and showed hatred of both his job and the show pen. After picking up some literature on SUCCEED, she and the gelding’s owners talked it over and decided to try SUCCEED for three months.

“It ended up being the best thing we’d ever done for this horse,” Nancy says. “It changed everything about him. He became a great show horse. He’s gone and has been competitive at the Quarter Horse shows now. Prior to the product, his nerves overrode every instinct that he needed to have to be able to show. After he was on SUCCEED we were able to show him, sell him to a Youth child, and they’ve gone on and been very successful and made top 10 at the world championship shows. I keep all my show horses on SUCCEED on a daily basis.”

Nancy Sue Ryan Riding“With SUCCEED I have found that our show horses are far better and far more responsive to our training. It’s a very tough industry and very expensive industry, and so to put my show horses on SUCCEED, it’s the cheapest thing i can do to help myself in the show arena.”

Listen as Nancy Sue shares her SUCCEED story and the results she’s seen in her horses: