Why Serious Horse Person Lillian Simons Uses SUCCEED®

Lilly Simons

Lillian Simons, a talented young dressage rider, started riding at age 3 and was enrolled in Pony Club by age 5. She has continued working her way up the levels since, culminating her 2015 season with earning her silver medal and a fifth place finish in the Young Rider Dressage National Championship.

Lilly is a serious horse person, and she supports her horses with SUCCEED.

Lilly Simons’ Dressage Achievements

As a young rider focused on eventing, Lilly had talent but lacked a knack for dressage, so her overall event scores suffered. After prioritizing her dressage training for about a year, Lilly discovered her ultimate passion. She transitioned from eventing to dressage in 2010 with her new KWPN gelding, Willoughby.

Lilly started moving through First and Second Levels with Willoughby, earning her bronze medal in 2012. In 2014, Lilly earned her silver medal and, after a winter spent working with trainer Laura Graves, achieved an impressive fifth place overall at the Young Rider Dressage National Championship in August 2015.

What started out as a childhood dream is now becoming true for Lilly, and she and Willy continue to move on up.

Lilly and Willoughby Have a Stronger Connection Because of SUCCEED®

When Lilly first got her KWPN gelding, he was very green and had some behavioral problems that made it difficult to build a strong connection with him.

After winning a case of SUCCEED at the USDF convention in Boston in December 2014, Lilly started Willoughby on the program right away. Immediately, she noticed a difference in his behavior and rideability. After using the product for over a year, this anxious and ultra-sensitive horse is now relaxed and able to better connect with Lilly during training. He has also been building muscle faster and keeping on weight more consistently with SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program daily inclusion in his management. She now keeps both her horses, Havana and Willoughby, on SUCCEED.

Lilly Simons

Willy was very green when I got him, and he had some slight behavioral problems. He could get hard to contain, very opinionated and at times nervous. I noticed when we started on SUCCEED that his behavior and rideability improved tremendously. He was much calmer both in and out of the ring, and a much happier horse all around.

I’m just really happy with SUCCEED. I feel as though SUCCEED is giving Havanna and Willoughby the support they need, and they’re progressing remarkably fast in their training. It’s been amazing to watch the before and after unfold.