Why Kim Gentry Uses SUCCEED

Kim Gentry

FEI dressage trainer and international competitor through Grand Prix, Kim Gentry lives and trains in the Memphis, Tennessee, area. She continues to teach, hold clinics, and compete, juggling a busy travel schedule that includes plenty of time on the road with her horses.

Kim has always taken a keen interest in horsemanship — not just riding, but care and nutrition, farrier care and all-around horsemanship. Preventing as many issues as possible through appropriate feeding management is key, which is why she keeps her horses on SUCCEED.

Kim Gentry’s Dressage Achievements

A self-described “British pony clubber through and through,” Kim gained diverse experience as a young rider retraining off-the-track thoroughbreds, riding in amateur flat races and training polo ponies for the King of Malaysia. In 1979, she scored an invitation to spend the summer outside of London working with a Grand Prix trainer—who quickly noted Kim’s natural talent for dressage and encouraged her to continue on that path.

After taking time off for school and to build up her finances (working as a marketing executive), Kim made the leap into a full time equestrian career in 2003.

Kim’s dressage achievements include:

  • Australian Equestrian High Performance Squad 2015-2020 Olympics and WEG
  • Australian Equestrian Team member, FEI Nations Cup 2015 & 2016
  • USDF Certified Instructor – Training through Fourth Levels
  • CLS 5* Rated Dressage Trainer
  • “L” Judge Training Program Graduate with Distinction
  • USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist
  • 2007 Major Lindgren Scholarship recipient
  • 2004 USDF / Dressage Foundation Certified Instructor scholarship recipient
Kim Gentry riding her horse

Kim’s Horses Eating and Healthy with SUCCEED

Kim first tried SUCCEED in 2007 after hearing about the natural digestive health support product at a USDF Convention.

I had received a scholarship to take my old FEI horse to train in Europe; he would get picky about his feed on the road, so I was concerned about him eating enough on the trip to Germany. John recommended SUCCEED for him, and by the end of that trip I was convinced.

Today, Kim keeps every horse in training on SUCCEED.

With the strenuous travel schedule we follow, we have to do as much as we can to keep their GI tracts on track. When I have horses come in who just don’t look as good as I like, or who just don’t have that bloom, the first thing we do is put them on SUCCEED. It gets them eating, putting on weight and just looking healthier. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had many digestive issues in my barn, and I think SUCCEED really helps keep it that way.