Why Serious Horse Person Karen O’Connor Uses SUCCEED®

Karen O’Connor - Olympic eventing rider, Mexican eventing team coach, serious horse person, SUCCEED user

Karen O’Connor is a five-time Olympian who was the number one ranked female rider in the world in 1993. She and her husband, a four-time Olympian David O’Connor and the chef d’équipe to the U.S. eventing team, now run a training barn in Virginia. Karen was named the coach of the Mexican eventing team in January 2015 and will be training the Mexican riders for upcoming events including the Pan Am Games in 2015 and the Rio Olympics in 2016.

The O’Connors have trusted their top-tier horses with SUCCEED since 2007, after seeing an endorsement by fellow Olympian, dressage competitor Steffen Peters.

Karen O’Connor’s Achievements

Karen has taken home team silver and team bronze in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics, team and individual gold medals and an individual silver medal from the Pan American Games, and was named U.S. Female Equestrian Athlete of the Year ten times. She also formerly served as a member of the USEF’s board of directors and an active member of the U.S. Eventing Association’s instructor certification program (she stepped down from many of these roles while husband David was president of USEF from 2004-2012).

The O’Connor’s Eventing Horses Are Easier to
Manage on SUCCEED®

International travel and high-level training takes its toll on top horses. “We ask so much of eventing horses,” Karen says. As a result, the O’Connors used to struggle to keep weight on their best horses. Then they discovered SUCCEED.


Now we have all of our top international competitive horses on SUCCEED, Karen says. Their weights are up, and keeping up. They actually seem to enjoy eating now. These horses need to be in top condition for this level of competition. SUCCEED helps make the management of these horses a little easier.

David O’Connor is similarly impressed with the dramatic differences it has made to their horses. I don’t know exactly what SUCCEED does, but I know what I see, he says. Our horses are in great condition thanks to SUCCEED.

David and Karen O’Connor share why they recommend SUCCEED: