Why Serious Horse Person Jennie Brannigan Uses SUCCEED®

Jennie Brannigan - Eventer Rider, trainer, and instructor

Partnering with her “dream horse,” Cooper, propelled rider and trainer Jennie Brannigan to the top of the U.S. three-day eventing scene, where she continues to move up the ranks with the highly talented Cambalda. Jennie is a well-rounded rider across several disciplines, and, despite a busy travel and competition schedule, she still manages to enjoy morning gallops on former Olympian Michael Matz’s racehorses.

Excelling in three-day eventing requires a horse’s focus, dedication and peak physical conditioning. Jennie trusts that her horses maintain optimal digestive health when she uses SUCCEED.

Jennie Brannigan’s Eventing Achievements

Starting her career working with top equestrians across the industry gave Jennie Brannigan a solid foundation. For nearly 10 years, she has competed in domestic, international-level eventing competitions achieving multiple top finishes.

  • Named the first ranked alternative for the U.S. Pan American Eventing Team in 2015 and added to the USEF’s High Performance Training List.
  • Won The Fork CIC3* and third in the Red Hills CIC3* in 2015, with partner Cambalda.
  • Finished the 2014 season winning the Fair Hill International CCI3* and named the National CCI3* Champion.
  • Featured rider for Rolex 2013 and placed second at the Plantation CIC3*.
  • Between 2011 and 2012 competed at the advanced level, winning the CIC3* at the Fork, second at Richland and third at Jersey Fresh.
  • In 2010, ranked by the USEA in the Top 10 Riders of the Year.
  • Won nine out of ten events at the Intermediate level from 2007-2008, with partner Cooper.
As if the exhilaration of a cross country course weren’t enough, Jennie also exercises thoroughbred racehorses at Fair Hills Training Center for Michael Matz. Her successful business, Brannigan Eventing, which is based in West Grove, Pennsylvania, has positioned her as a professional trainer, rider and coach.

Jennie Brannigan’s Horses Achieve Better Results with SUCCEED®

A successful partnership with a horse is crafted long before the pair steps hoof into the start box – beginning with proper nutrition. That’s why Jennie’s balanced feed program for the 20 horses in her barn includes SUCCEED. Jennie was introduced to SUCCEED in 2007 after receiving
a free monthly supply for her horse, Cooper. With his rigorous training and competition schedule, Jennie saw an immediate difference.

“He looked good all over, and I liked how it was a whole and complete digestive-health product, she says.”

Prioritizing each horse’s overall well-being and maximum potential is important to Jennie. She uses SUCCEED when horses need to maintain weight, improve their coats, receive an overall boost or calm nerves while traveling. Since Jennie receives SUCCEED in SmartPaks, packing for the road is easy, too.
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My horse care philosophy is to combine the highest level of care with a program that makes sense for each horse. It’s important to have them compete and look their best, but I find when I look at the program as a whole, I achieve much better results.