Why Serious Horse Person Christina Vinios Uses SUCCEED®

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Christina and her trusted partner, Folkestone OLD (aka “Huey”), have been paired since 2010, progressing through the dressage ranks and emerging as top competitors during the 2015 season. The nine-year-old gelding and his accomplished rider are geared up to continue progressing up the levels as Christina works to bring along more horses, as well.

Since introducing SUCCEED to Huey’s feeding routine, Christina has had a healthy, happy – and highly competitive horse.

Christina Vinios’
Dressage Achievements

Christina and Huey captured the attention of the dressage world in 2015. The duo won two National Championship titles, starting with the USA Developing Horse Prix St. Georges Championship in August and the Intermediare | Championship at the 2015 U.S. Dressage competition in December. Earlier in the year, Christina and Huey swept the small tour at Dressage at Devon, winning all three classes in the division.

Christina and Her Horses Gain
Focus with SUCCEED®

The artful expression of dressage requires many technical, synchronized movements. When a physical or mental disturbance occurs – for either the rider or the horse – the unity is altered. Huey’s training took a hit when his digestive system started showing signs of distress. Christina noticed the quality of his manure changed and contemplated options to help her partner.

I don’t use a lot of supplements in general. I find that a lot of them have preservatives and additives and I try to feed as natural as possible. I forgot about SUCCEED for a while until I went to the SUCCEED-sponsored USDF Trainers’ Conference and heard [Freedom Health president] John Hall speak, Christina shared.
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Christina emailed the company to learn more about SUCCEED – which Huey had previously taken while training with Steffen and Shannon Peters in California. After speaking with John Hall and adding SUCCEED back into Huey’s feeding program, Christina was convinced of the results.
Ever since I started feeding SUCCEED again, I haven’t had any issues, Christina shared. All of the horses are on it, along with beet pulp and sometimes oats. They all look beautiful and dapply and have been healthy.

Huey showed more responsiveness and willingness to work with his digestive health maintained on SUCCEED. With restored health and renewed focus, Christina and Huey have had a competitive advantage in the ring.

One of the biggest benefits about SUCCEED is that I don’t have to worry about digestive health like I used to, Christina says. There is so much that goes into caring for the horses, so to not have to worry so much about their guts lets me focus on my program instead. That seems like a pretty obvious benefit to me.