Share SUCCEED®, Earn Rewards

Horse women talking about SucceedYou know how great SUCCEED is because you’ve seen the benefits for your horses’ health and performance firsthand. But what about your friends or clients? Wouldn’t you like them to know about SUCCEED to help their horses become the best they can be on the inside and out too?

SUCCEED wants to reward you for helping your fellow owners, trainers, barn managers, riders, and breeders get started with SUCCEED.

Earn Rewards for Sharing SUCCEED®

With SUCCEED Rewards, every person you “sponsor” who successfully completes the SUCCEED Challenge means you earn points towards gift certificates, SUCCEED products, or cash.

All each participant has to do is try the original SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program for 60 days through the SUCCEED Challenge.

Help Your Friends SUCCEED®

Help your friends and their horses experience the health and performance benefits that come along with good digestive health supported by SUCCEED – just like you’ve experienced with yours.

Succeeding Is Easy for You and Your Friends

Your Friends: The SUCCEED Challenge makes it easy for your friends to try SUCCEED. With a Challenge purchase they receive a 60-day supply of SUCCEED, 10 free syringes of SUCCEED oral paste to start the program, free shipping, and access to an online diary to track results. Additionally, the Challenge is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so there’s no risk involved for the people you sponsor.
You: All your friends have to do is use your Sponsor code when they sign up for the Challenge, and they are automatically enrolled in your Rewards account. For each person you sponsor who completes the Challenge, you earn 50 Rewards points. You can earn up to 1,000 points each month to put towards Rewards. 50 points equals a $50 gift certificate to select equine retailers or $40 cash. 100 points may be redeemed for a 30 day supply of SUCCEED paste, or 90 points for granules.
Signing up to Start Earning SUCCEED Rewards is easy:

  • Register as a sponsor and create your unique code
  • Answer 5 simple questions about SUCCEED
  • Invite friends to take the SUCCEED Challenge
  • Get free materials to help spread the word

That’s it!

You know how great SUCCEED is, let us prove it to your fellow equestrians. Get started now.

Register at SUCCEED Rewards if you are ready to begin.

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