Why SUCCEED® Works

By feeding SUCCEED once a day, every day, you will see a real difference in your horse by delivering specialized nutrients that target the healthy structure and function of the entire equine digestive system.

Rather than addressing just one part of the digestive system, SUCCEED works through targeted nutrition to maintain a healthy digestive tract with a natural, fundamentally different approach.

SUCCEED works on the underlying aspects of digestive health, naturally, completely and effectively. The nutrients in SUCCEED typically occur naturally in the horse’s diet, or are naturally synthesized by the body. But these nutrients are often in short supply for the modern performance horse, whose fitness levels and energy requirements are higher, and who faces regular challenges of modern performance horse care and feeding.

The secret to SUCCEED’s effectiveness is in the relationship of the component ingredients.

  • They work together to ensure optimal delivery and impact, where needed.
  • The ingredients are formulated to address every aspect of optimal digestive health. The digestive process was dissected, to understand the role of each part, how modern care and feeding may affect it, and how nutrients are utilized to support it.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it. Let the happy, healthy horses on SUCCEED prove it.