SUCCEED® Healthy Gut Commitment

SUCCEED Healthy Gut CommitmentIt’s not surprising that by maintaining optimal digestive health, even in the face of modern care and feeding, our horses are more likely to look and feel their best and perform to potential. But even with the best possible feeding and management programs, restricting turnout, feeding grain, and riding regularly (not to mention rigors of travel and competition) still stress the horse’s delicate digestive tract if we don’t take additional steps to intervene.

Good health and wellness has always been the SUCCEED promise. Now, we are backing that promise with the SUCCEED Healthy Gut Commitment, available only through your veterinarian.

It’s our way of supporting you, your horse and your veterinarian.

Veterinary Colic Expense Reimbursement

Within particular conditions and limits, Freedom Health LLC will reimburse your veterinarian for services related to treating colic that arises from digestive tract dysfunction, so long as the horse remains continuously on SUCCEED Veterinary Formula in accordance with the manufacturer instructions:

Up to $15,000 for Surgical Colic Services

If the horse is refered to a surgical center and the horse subsequently undergoes surgery as a direct result of the colic incidence, then Freedom Health will reimburse the surgical center up to $15,000 for surgical costs related to the colic, related pre-surgery diagnostics and post-surgery recovery at the clinic.

Surgical costs are covered so long as the colic is proven to be related to GI tract dysfunction including torsions, displacements, intussusceptions, necrotic tissue with possible re-section, etc.*

Up to $800 for Medical Colic Services

For example, a colic incident where treatment is provided on site, without the need for surgery.

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That’s more coverage than with any other similar colic program, with fewer eligibility requirements.

Healthy Gut Commitment Program Eligibility

The SUCCEED Healthy Gut Commitment is only available with SUCCEED Veterinary Formula purchased through your veterinarian. Horses using original SUCCEED (even if purchased through a veterinarian) are not eligible.
Your horse must be on SUCCEED Veterinary Formula for at least 90 consecutive days and then maintained continuously on the product thereafter to be eligible. Horses who meet the program criteria are automatically enrolled in the Healthy Gut Commitment program.

That’s all. No complicated paperwork, no laundry list of exams or care that must be provided by your vet annually.

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Talk to Your Veterinarian

SUCCEED Veterinary Formula and the Healthy Gut Commitment are available exclusively through veterinarians in the US. If you are an owner, download an informational flyer and talk to your veterinarian.

Veterinary professionals may register for the SUCCEED Veterinary Center for access to complete program information.

Colics Not Eligible for Payment

  • Any reproductive organ related colic
  • Renal or pleural related colic
  • Strangulations resulting from masses (e.g. lipomas, neoplasia)
  • Peritonitis arising from non-GI tract sources
  • Mesenteric rents
  • Entrapments (e.g. nephro-splenic entrapment, epiploic foramen entrapment)
  • Colics caused by dehydration, improper care or neglect
  • Colics arising from foreign bodies (e.g. enteroliths and sand colic)
  • Colics that are attributed to parasitic infections