Ingredients in SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program®

When it comes to health and wellness, serious horse people look for serious products. SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program hits the mark. You will appreciate that:

  • It’s the only equine supplement in its class with multiple patents worldwide.
  • All ingredients are certified human food grade or above, ensuring purity and quality.
  • We are licensed in the state of Ohio as a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility ensuring stringent consistency, as well as quality and safety.

And your horses will love that SUCCEED’s natural oat flavor comes from the oat ingredients, not artificial flavoring. Once your horses have had their first taste, SUCCEED will be a treat they’ll look forward to every day.

SUCCEED® Formula for Total Equine Digestive Health

SUCCEED was developed by focusing on naturally occuring nutrients that are necessary for the health of the entire equine digestive tract. This includes support for both digestive anatomy (intestinal villi, enterocytes, intestinal mucosa) and digestive function (healthy bacterial balance, digestion, feed transit through the digestive tract, etc.).

Oat Oil


Oat Flour


Yeast Products






Product Labeling and Guaranteed Analysis Information

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Serious horse people also know that SUCCEED is backed by rigorous scientific studies. And most important of all – they know it really works. Research and data are available in the SUCCEED Veterinary Center.

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