Keeping your horse’s digestive health in optimal condition is important. And with SUCCEED, it’s also easy. Just one serving of SUCCEED once a day, every day with regular feed is all it takes. That’s it. No special mixing. No complicated feed program.

how to use succeed

Original SUCCEED is available in oral paste and top-dress granules. SUCCEED Veterinary Formula is available in oral paste only. All usage, safety, and handling information is the same for both products.


Instructions for Use

How to administer SUCCEED paste or granules plus feeding tips for best results and recommended serving sizes.

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Storage and Handling

How to properly store and handle SUCCEED, plus information on product consistency and shelf life.

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Measuring Success

Tips for tracking your horse’s results after starting on SUCCEED, what to look for, and how long it may take.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Check out our extensive FAQs detailing common questions and answers we receive from equestrians like yourself.

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