SUCCEED® for Your Horse At Its Best

horse-show-ribbons-squarePrioritizing digestive health is about helping your horse achieve its true potential. It’s about doing what’s right for your horse while getting more from your horse than you even thought possible.

Whether you have a new horse or have been working with the same one for years, it’s possible – perhaps likely – that you’ve never actually seen your horse at its best. If you’ve never taken steps to actively manage digestive health, even your seemingly healthy horse may be capable of giving you so much more.

Because at the core of your horse’s willingness, trainability, and physical ability is gut health.

Gut Health Impacts Coat and Body Condition

A horse’s ability to maintain a healthy weight, build muscle, and develop a dappled glowing hair coat, are all tied to digestive wellness. No amount of training, conditioning, or grooming will get a horse to its full potential if the gut isn’t working properly or absorbing all the nutrients the horse needs.


Gut Health Impacts Attitude and Behavior

A horse that feels well inside is more likely – and more able – to come to work willingly and happily. When a horse is grumpy in the cross ties or reacts negatively to requests, it may be telling you something. Also, sugar highs and lows possibly caused by grain-based meals may impact a horse’s behavior.

Gut Health Impacts Energy Levels

When a horse’s GI tract is healthy and functioning properly, it gets full nutrition and energy from its feed. This is necessary for a horse to remain active and willing to work in training or competition. As a result, when a horse seems lazy or resists its work, this may be indicative of its digestive health.

Gut Health Impacts Physical Ability

Sensitivity along the horse’s flanks, particularly in its right side and belly where the colon sits, may be indicative of its digestive health. This may make a horse reluctant to collect and extend fully, bend, or jump and may impact suppleness.

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CartonandSyringeLTHelp your horse reach its full potential with SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program. It’s a natural feed supplement that supports the healthy structure and function of the entire equine digestive tract, including nutrient absorption, immune health, healthy gut function, and a balanced hindgut.

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Photo by Meg Stuart licensed under CC2.0 (cropped)