How SUCCEED® Was Developed

Peter Bedding, PhD, developed SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program in 2003, combining his extensive work in equine nutrition with the practical horsemanship of company founder John Hall and veterinarian Frank Pellegrini, DVM. Their goal was to develop a solution to the common condition of digestive imbalance in performance horses. The result of their efforts was SUCCEED.

The digestive process was dissected, to understand the role of each part, how modern care and feeding may affect it, and how nutrients are utilized to support it.

These nutrients were then assembled and SUCCEED was born.

Summary of Ingredients and How They Work

Natural ingredients found in SUCCEED work together to promote overall digestive wellness:

  • Oat Flour (beta-glucan): SUCCEED contains oat flour rich in a soluble fiber called Beta glucan, which has been shown to help moderate transit time in digestion.  This can allow for more efficient digestion of processed feeds in the small intestines while moderating the release of sugar into the bloodstream.
  • Irradiated Dried Yeast:contains beta glucan and Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS) extracted from yeat that support a healthy hindgut in horses and encourage the growth of intestinal villi.
  • L-Glutamine: an amino acid that provides fuel to muscles. It also supports the immune cells in the intestinal mucosa (the lining of the gut).
  • L-Threonine: an essential amino acid, supports the production of mucin, a necessary component of mucus that lubricates the GI tract lining.
  • Oat Oil (polar lipids): the oat oil in SUCCEED is rich in Polar Lipids, fat molecules that can help strengthen intestinal tissues in the gut and provide a conduit for getting nutrients into the bloodstream.

Veterinarians may access scientific research studies on SUCCEED, as well as general equine digestive health, by registering for access to the SUCCEED Veterinary Center . The SUCCEED Veterinary Center is an exclusive resource for practitioners.