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We know that in an ideal world, we’d keep our horses out 24/7 on varied terrain with quality forage interspersed to encourage constant movement and munching by a happy herd. It’s good for their guts, good for their brains, good for their emotions, and the best case scenario for overall equine wellness. But the moment we take a wild horse and domesticate it, its lifestyle and usage inherently shift – departing further and further from what nature intended.

With even the most holistic horse management, equine digestive health can still be challenged. It’s not just performance horses kept in stalls, competed, and fed high grain diets that struggle. Less obvious factors that can impact equine digestive health also include:

  • being stalled for more than six hours per day,
  • being ridden regularly,
  • traveling away from home, whether to compete or simply trail ride,
  • going for several hours without forage,
  • and keeping horses in confined spaces (remember, the wild horse roams up to 20 miles each day).

With gastrointestinal health critical to wellness, yet so easily disrupted when we remove horses from their natural environment, providing added digestive support for the horses in our care just makes sense.

SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program® Optimizes Gut Health – Naturally

succeed-hay-webSUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is a once daily feed supplement derived from natural, human food grade quality ingredients. Highly controlled, patented processes are used to extract the most beneficial components from oil flour, oat oil, and yeast including:

  • beta glucan to support immunity and nutrient absorption and to maintain the normal rate at which food passes through the GI tract.
  • polar lipids, which are vegetable fat molecules that strengthen the tight junctions between enterocytes, the intestinal cells responsible for nutrient absorption.
  • yeast products, rich in beta gluten and MOS, support a healthy hindgut, natural immunity, and encourage the growth of intestinal villi.

SUCCEED also offers:

  • L-glutamine, an amino acid that provides fuel for muscles and also supplies nitrogen to the immune cells of the intestinal mucosa.
  • L-threonine, an amino acid that supports the production of mucin which lubricates the GI tract lining.

SUCCEED is available in oral paste and granules for purchase through veterinarians and retailers.

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Listening to your horse is more than just paying attention to body language and responses on the outside – it also requires knowing what’s going on inside.

Monty Roberts main portrait_sm“I’ve dedicated my life to working with horses through a natural, positive approach. That’s what makes SUCCEED such a special product. It works with the horse’s natural digestive process, so the horse can achieve its optimal condition, attitude and performance. That’s why I’m so pleased to Join-Up® with SUCCEED.”

– Monty Roberts

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