Track Your Horse’s Progress with SUCCEED®

Starting a horse on SUCCEED is simple. And in some cases, the changes you see can occur quickly and be very dramatic. However, it is more likely that your horse will respond to the program slowly, little by little, so the results may be subtle. Keeping track with a progress journal and with photos will help you develop an awareness of subtle changes over time. Changes that occur little by little over time may not be as apparent to serious horse people who spend time with their horses every day.
That is why we suggest that you keep track of the changes in a weekly diary, and to take photos before, during and after the first 60 days a horse is fed SUCCEED. So you can appreciate what has happened to your horse 30 days or even 60 days from now.

The following is just a brief overview of some of the benefits you should watch for during the course of the first 60 days on SUCCEED – and beyond.

Weeks 1-2 on SUCCEED®

The further from ideal a horse’s condition is when it starts on SUCCEED, the more dramatic the changes that occur in the first few weeks. If your primary reasons for trying SUCCEED are weight, condition, and bloom, you are more likely to see quick results from using SUCCEED. Here’s what you should watch for:


Healthy coat

Shiny, dappled and generally
healthy looking.

healthy weight

Healthy weight

Solid, consistent, able to
maintain its weight.


Healthy body condition

Muscular and firm.

Weeks 3-4 on SUCCEED®

Overall, while the appearance may continue to shift, the next few weeks are about noticing the horse’s temperament. Horses on SUCCEED tend to have a sharper focus. SUCCEED helps maintain a healthy digestive tract so your horse is always comfortable and getting the nutrients and energy it needs. This means you should experience a more trainable, focused and willing individual in your horse. A comfortable horse will learn. Here’s what you should watch for:

Greater alertness

Your horse is more focused and engaged.


Better attitude

Friendly and easy going.


Better behavior

Your horse can be more outgoing and enthusiastic.


More relaxed

A calm demeanor.

Weeks 5-6 on SUCCEED®

Over the next few weeks on SUCCEED, your horse is more likely able to convert that enhanced focus and positive attitude into better performance results. After weeks on SUCCEED, a horse’s digestive system is functioning in a natural, optimal condition, so your horse is feeling good, getting the energy and nutrients it needs. That means it is simply more capable of giving its all. Horses that are healthy and feeling good can run faster, move better, turn more easily, behave better, and work with you. Here’s what you should watch for:


Balanced energy

Not lethargic or hyper, but strong and even.


Greater stamina

Able to support long training sessions.


Quick exercise recovery

You will see him back to his old self more quickly.

Full physical ability

Easily able to move freely in every direction.

Weeks 7-8 on SUCCEED®

In the stretch run of the SUCCEED Challenge (sorry for the pun!), you will find that your horse is at its peak in condition and overall health. The horse is fit, feeling good, and showing a relaxed confidence. Simply put, the horse is happy and healthy.

One of the most beneficial things in the horse industry is the ability to network among your friends and fellow horsemen. SUCCEED users are often asked “what have you done to your horse?” We hope you will share your experience with SUCCEED and encourage your friends and colleagues to “take the SUCCEED Challenge.” Here’s what you should watch for:


Healthy manure

Good consistency and frequency.


Healthy appetite

Keeps weight on and eats every meal.


Overall general wellness

Less prone to digestive health challenges.