Assess Your Horse’s Digestive Health

Take this assessment quiz to see if your horse’s health and performance could benefit from added digestive support. Choose the response that most closely coincides with the horse’s management.

Does the horse’s diet include any grain based feed?
Is the horse’s individual grain feeding more or less than 4 pounds?
How often is the horse provided hay?
How much turnout does the horse receive per day?
Does turnout include constant access to grass or hay?
How often is the horse ridden?
How intensely is the horse worked?
Does the horse travel (competitions or to trails or other facilities, etc.)?
How often do you compete?

Results: How Much Benefit Would This Horse Get From Added Digestive Support?

No Benefit (Score=0)
Congratulations! Your horse is kept naturally with plenty of turnout, no grain-based feeds, and is not asked to work hard – if at all. Your horse likely wouldn’t benefit from added digestive support like SUCCEED seeing as this feeding, turnout, and usage style naturally encourages good digestive health – as far as it is dependent on feeding and usage.

Low Benefit (Score=1-3)
Your horse is kept as close to naturally as possible, with little to no grain in the diet and plenty of turnout. It also is not asked to work hard or subjected to the challenges related to travel or competition. Because keeping horses by human standards can still challenge how their systems function, this horse may see some benefit from added digestive support – but it probably isn’t necessary.

Moderate Benefit (Score=4-5)
This horse is subjected to enough challenges that it would likely benefit from additional digestive support like SUCCEED. Simply including grain in the diet, restricting turnout, or working a horse regularly or intensely – not to mention travel or competition – can mean the digestive system is not functioning optimally. Supporting digestive health with SUCCEED may encourage bloom and condition, a healthy weight, and a more comfortable, willing, able, and focused horse.

Significant Benefit (Score=6+)
Certain practices like feeding more than 4 pounds of grain in a single meal or keeping a horse stalled for 6 or more hours per day alone indicate a horse that would benefit significantly from added digestive support with SUCCEED. Even if those aren’t at play in this horse’s management, enough feeding, management, and usage practices have added up to make it clear digestive support is strongly recommended. Risk factors for poor digestive health:

  • feeding grain
  • restricting turnout
  • intermittent feeding
  • regular, especially rigorous, training
  • travel
  • competition

Supporting digestive health is essential to keeping this horse healthy, happy, and focused – and helping it reach its full potential. Try SUCCEED today.