Horses’ Physical Performance Ability

horse physical performanceSo many factors contribute to a horse performing to its full potential under saddle: well-fitting tack, quality of training and riding, the horse’s attitude, healthy limbs and joints. When things are less than 100%, we look for answers…or just chalk it up to the horse being bad.

But how often do we consider the role digestion – and digestive health – play in the horse’s performance or attitude? Rarely is the horse’s digestive tract at the top of the checklist for enhancing equine performance, but all too often it is a major factor.

Achieve Top Equine Performance in the Digestive Tract First

We can work our hardest when we feel well, and the same goes for our horses. And unfortunately for performance equines, their lifestyle can work against their digestive health.
The challenges of travel and competition, spending time confined to a stall, and exercising rigorously all run counter to the natural digestion process, which is designed for a horse living outside 24/7, grazing up to 18 hours a day, and expending little energy.

Digestive Tract Effects on Equine Performance Ability

When a horse’s lifestyle supports healthy digestion, the impact on the horse’s comfort and ability to function also supports performance ability.



The ability to bend to the left or right can be affected by GI tract comfort and health.


Only with proper digestion can a horse absorb and convert its feed into energy.


Stride length

Full extension is only possible when the entire GI tract of the horse is healthy.


Bacterial fermentation of fiber in the hindgut produces VFAs, which are a critical source of long-term energy.



The horse’s hind leg movement is affected by the state and comfort of the digestive system, the source of impulsion for jumping and galloping as well as collection and extension.

Condition the Digestive Tract for Top Equine Performance

Give your horse every opportunity to perform at its best by feeding SUCCEED with a regular meal once a day. SUCCEED is a nutritional supplement and daily conditioning program providing a scientific formula of key nutrients to support a healthy digestive tract:

  • Supports the immune system and normal digestion.
  • Supports the health of the mucosal lining throughout
    the digestive tract.
The digestive system fuels every other system in the body. So when you use SUCCEED, you’re managing total horse health … and that means enhancing overall equine performance.
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