SUCCEED®’s Performance Benefits

Whatever hopes and dreams you have for you and your performance horse, there is a universal requirement in order for your horse to achieve success — good health and nutrition. But many people don’t realize that some of their most common performance, behavior, and condition issues are often related to the digestive tract:

In order for your horse to perform its best on the outside, it must be healthy and functioning properly on the inside. Ultimately, this can affect your relationship with the horse, while riding, training, competing … or just day to day.

Digestive Health Impacts Performance

Rather than allowing the performance horse to graze night and day, we give them energy rich grain feed two or three times a day. With this diet, large amounts of starch are likely to reach the hindgut, which can affect a horse’s ability to collect and engage its hind legs. And only if the digestive tract is healthy and functioning at optimal levels can the horse digest nutrients properly, to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy, shiny coat.

riding performance horse

For the modern performance horse trainer or owner, ensuring horses have a healthy digestive system can be a challenge given the realities of modern care and feeding:

  • Grass and other forages are not sufficient to provide the energy horses need for performance. But processed feed, which provides this energy, is not easily digested.
  • Stress of travel and competition disrupts routine, which can affect a horse’s appetite and digestion.
  • Confinement in a stall for 6 or more hours per day limits movement, which is critical to proper digestion.
  • Feeding just two or three times per day instead of providing constant access to forage disrupts the natural functioning of the horse’s gut.

Training the Digestive System to Improve Health and Nutrition

The SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program patented formula is designed specifically for the lifestyle of the modern performance horse: boarding, high grain diets fed intermittently, minimal turnout or access to free hay. And for performance horses, it targets digestive health in the face of rigorous training and travel schedules. This feed supplement promotes all aspects of a horse’s health and nutrition – especially when the conditions necessary for care and competition disrupt their delicate balance.

succeed benefits horses

SUCCEED benefits horses

A healthy digestive tract is the first step in wellness inside and out for your horse.

succeed benefits trainers

SUCCEED benefits trainers

Horses that perform better lead to better results, better reputation, better clients.

succeed benefits owners

SUCCEED benefits owners

Happy, healthy horses make for better rides and better relationships – and a better overall experience.

succeed benefits breeders

SUCCEED benefits breeders

Improved immunity and optimal growth mean healthier mares and foals, thus higher value horses for your business.

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is available in the original formula and in SUCCEED Veterinary Formula, which comes backed by our Healthy Gut Commitment and may be purchased only through your veterinarian.

Take the SUCCEED Challenge today to try original SUCCEED risk-free – and get your horse performing at its best.