SUCCEED®’s Health Benefits

So much about having a happy, healthy horse hinges on the state of its digestive system. Given the rigors of modern care and feeding, including confinement in stalls, grain-based diets, feeding schedules, training, performance, travel, and more, maintaining the delicate digestive balance of a horse’s gut can be a challenge.

The most beneficial change you can make for your horse is to maintain wellness at the root: the digestive system. With a healthy digestive system, your horse can maintain optimal nutrient absorption, proper weight, a healthy appetite and more.

Equine Health Starts in the Digestive Tract

The digestive tract of the horse is designed to support a very specific lifestyle — grazing freely in herds for up to 18 hours of the day. This lifestyle includes a few basic characteristics that relate to the GI tract:

  • A diet of primarily grass
  • Low stress
  • Low energy requirements

This is definitely not the lifestyle of modern performance horses, and even many of today’s leisure horses. Demands on time, resources, and individual horses’ requirements, leave them stalled for all or parts of the day, perhaps receiving only two or three meals per day, and exercising rigorously. Even if your horse looks healthy, this lifestyle can mean its digestive health is not getting the support it needs.

equine health
When your horse needs more nutrients and energy for performance, but the feed, feeding methods, and other lifestyle factors are working against optimal GI health, the entire balance of the digestive system can be affected.

Outward Signs of Equine Digestive Health

Because horses can’t tell us when something’s wrong, we learn to watch for behavioral clues. External signs that can relate to underlying GI health can include:

In fact, when a horse is healthy on the inside, you see signs of good health on the outside:

  • No signs of discomfort, especially
    in the belly
  • Manure is solid and clear of grain
  • Horse does not favor one side, can easily bend to both sides
  • Eats well – not off its feed

Too often, we wait until outward signs spell trouble and we have to call our vet in. This cycle can continue unless you can help your horse maintain good digestive health all the time. By addressing the root issue of digestive health – feeding and management – you can break this cycle and keep a healthy, happy horse from the inside out.

Promote Equine Health and Avoid Health Risks

Keeping your horse’s digestive tract health in optimal condition is important. And with SUCCEED, it’s also easy.

Just feed one serving of SUCCEED once a day, every day with your horse’s regular feed. This unique patented formula supports key components of your horse’s digestive system to break the “problem/solution” cycle and promote overall wellness.

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is available in the original formula and in SUCCEED Veterinary Formula, which comes backed by our Healthy Gut Commitment and may be purchased only through your veterinarian.

Take the SUCCEED Challenge and see the benefits of original SUCCEED for yourself, or your money back.