Educational Resources on Equine Digestive Health Management

When you’re involved with horses, be it as an owner, trainer, manager, breeder, or working student (or something else), your role is so much more than just paying the bills, scheduling the vet and farrier, or dumping feed. You are an advocate for the complete well-being of the horses in your care. Serious horse people know that getting educated on how to better manage horses’ feeding, health, training, and more is a lifelong journey.

In addition to the wealth of information on the SUCCEED Blog, we have extensive resources available for you on the relationships between digestive wellness, horse health, and performance. Peruse the sections below for in-depth education on SUCCEED as well as general GI health, feeding, and management information.

health benefits horses

SUCCEED’s Health Benefits for Horses

The most beneficial change you can make for your horse is to maintain wellness at the root: the digestive system. With a healthy digestive system, your horse can maintain optimal nutrient absorption, proper weight and condition, a healthy appetite and more.

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performance benefits horses

SUCCEED’s Performance Benefits
for Horses

In order for your horse to perform its best on the outside, it must be healthy and functioning properly on the inside. Ultimately, this can affect your relationship with the horse, while riding, training, competing … or just day to day.

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gi health care

Equine GI Health Care and Management

Wild horses rarely have the digestive health struggles common to today’s performance horses. Looking at how nature intends the horse’s GI tract to work gives us insight into better feeding and health management. Noticing problems when they occur is also essential.

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