Where to Buy SUCCEED® in the United States

SUCCEED provides an easy, effective and affordable approach to managing optimal digestive health in your horse. It’s been shown to be effective time after time, with top riders, trainers and veterinarians.

Digestive Conditioning Program

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program

available from equestrian retailers, feed stores or through your veterinarian.

Veterinary Formula

SUCCEED Veterinary Formula

available only through veterinarians.

Through Veterinarians

Your veterinarian is one of the best resources available for helping to manage the health and nutrition of the horses in your care. The more closely you work together to maintain your horse’s overall wellness, the more stress you will avoid and money you will save over the long haul – and the better able your horse will be to perform at its very best.
Your veterinarian has access to a wealth of information on SUCCEED research and trials in the SUCCEED Veterinary Center (available only to veterinarians, due to regulatory requirements). If you have questions regarding ingredients, benefits, trials, and product research – speak to your vet.
Both SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program and the SUCCEED Veterinary Formula with the Healthy Gut Commitment are available for purchase through your veterinarian in the United States. Speak to your vet for pricing and to order.
succeed veterinary formula

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